Our educational programs are based on students acquiring 6 key life competencies
  • self-regulation
  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • creativity
  • adaptability and flexibility
  • cooperation

Our educational programs are based on students acquiring 6 key life competencies: self-regulation, communication, critical thinking, creativity, adaptability and flexibility, cooperation. To achieve this goal, we implement AGILE METHODOLOGY into our learning creation processes. We constantly create MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) that develop the above-mentioned competencies / test them / reflect and improve. This is an ongoing improvement process that leads us to the main life rule and the main skill - lifelong learning.

We have created six educational plans, each of which essentially includes intensive study of English, Polish, sports, IT literacy classes, and soft skills development training.

Further, depending on the future goals and needs, the necessity to have a Ukrainian and/or British certificate, and the student's areas of interest, the student together with the school creates their individual educational plan.

Educational package Base

3 350 PLN/month

Educational package Innovative

4 200 PLN/month

Educational package 3 in 1

4 800 PLN/month

Educational package Junior

2 800 PLN/month

Estimated monthly payment calculated based on the full cost of the educational service for the academic year. You can find a detailed price list below, in the comparative table of educational plans.

At the end of their studies, students receive a state education document from the "Optima" school and/or after 11th grade, they can take the IGCSE / A-LEVEL exams depending on the chosen involvement option.

The democratic school for teenagers is tailored to the student and their learning needs, offering various involvement options.

Comparative table of educational packages

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