Educational Plan

Components of the Sapiens Up Curriculum

The competency-based educational plan is built on WHAT learners actually do and the skills they acquire. This aligns with the concept of the New Ukrainian School (NUSh) about education. In contrast to the outdated principle of "memorize and reproduce", the competency-based plan is student-oriented and adaptable to the current needs of learners, teachers, and society.

Освітній план
1. Academic distance learning platform for mastering core disciplines (Ukrainian diploma from "Optima" or dual diploma + British).
2. Regular classes and training (debates, communication club, freewriting, reflective games, etc.) to develop skills and competencies.
3. Daily English lessons, consultation with a language neurocoach for choosing teaching methods, and English tutors.
4. Polish lessons and Polish-speaking tutors for integration into the language and cultural context.
5. Specialization (physics, natural science, art and design, computer science) for deep immersion in the field of interest and skill development. Conducted in Polish in partnership with universities and companies.
6. Thematic courses: entrepreneurship, creativity, biohacking, blogging, basics of marketing, financial management, art of sales, AI – artificial intelligence, psychology to broaden horizons and acquire relevant knowledge.
7. Projects to develop life skills and competencies.
8. Social Sciences (history, law, social psychology) for feeling part of the world, understanding the societal context, critical thinking, and active positioning.
9. Mindfulness for developing skills in managing one's body, state, and energy.
10. Excursions, trips, events, and networking.
11. Relaxed atmosphere, retrospectives, active student role (parliament) for forming a proactive position, skill, and competency development.
12. Mentoring and tutoring for forming self-management competency, goal-setting for the future direction and movement.
13. Art.
14. Sports.
15. Soft skills development training.
16. Career guidance.
17. Lectures and workshops by practitioners, meetings with interesting people.
18. English-speaking club.
19. Interest clubs.
20. School self-governance.

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