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Cambridge International
Cambridge International

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Study subjects in English under the international Cambridge International IGCSE program.

Cambridge IGCSE English (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a popular international initiative for students and educational institutions in different countries around the world.
Cambridge International at Sapiens Up is a partner of the distance school "Optima," so students will be able to study conveniently and effectively on a modern educational platform!

Program benefits

  • International recognition

    IGCSE is a globally recognized qualification. It enables entry to leading higher education institutions and top jobs in any country worldwide.

  • Flexibility

    The education system adapts to the needs and interests of students, allowing them to choose interesting subjects and delve deeper into each of them.

  • Variety of assessment forms

    The effectiveness and quality of mastering information are reflected through a combination of methods, including oral interviews, projects, and practical work.

  • Preparation for higher education

    An important step towards starting higher education is the development of critical thinking, independence, research skills, which are the foundation of future success.

Cambridge International

What is needed to get started?

Admission to the Cambridge International IGCSE program is based on an interview, where the applicant demonstrates motivation and proficiency in English.
The minimum required level of English for admission to Cambridge International IGCSE is B1.

Course description

  • The instruction is conducted in English and lasts for 2 years.

  • Students aged 14-16 - 8th, 9th, 10th graders - can join.

  • The Cambridge International program is implemented by partner schools of Sapiens Up and "Optima."

  • During the course, students also complete tasks on the "Optima" platform and participate in online classes.

Course objective

  • Preparation for the international IGCSE exam.

  • Improvement of English proficiency for studying in college under the A-level program.

Subjects available for study

  • Subject


  • English Language

    Cambridge IGCSE English as a second language

  • English Literature

    English – Literature in English

  • History

    History (9-1) (0977)

  • Mathematics

    Cambridge IGCSE International Mathematics

  • Economics

    Economics (9-1) (0987)

  • Geography

    Cambridge IGCSE Geography

  • Biology

    Cambridge IGCSE Biology


Detailed reports on learning outcomes are provided to students and parents for tracking progress.


Після завершення курсу учні складають іспит IGCSE з вибраних предметів у сертифікованому екзаменаційному центрі. Іспити для українців наразі відбуваються за кордоном, зокрема в Польщі.


Upon completion of the course, the distance school «Optima» (a partner of Sapiens Up) issues students a certificate of completion, indicating the number of hours of preparation for each subject.

Cambridge International

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